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Apex Bullies  is a small kennel  located in North Carolina. Our bloodlines consist of mainly Razors Edge & Gottiline. Those are the two bloodlines we have chosen to start are kennel but will be adding a few others to create our own style of American Bully. Our main goals are to produce and breed  pitbulls for a family setting. Loving well tempered athletic  pitbulls  with intelligence  and mental stability. We have set high standards as we hope to have our dogs place at shows throughout the country. At Apex Bullies we will produce the blue, champagne, blue fawn , tri-color , brindle &  black. I would first Iike to thank Steve Sutton of South breed bullies for allowing us to own such a special bully in Sky. She has been a special and well behaved companion with a great temperament. This is the perfect Bitch to start out our kennel and to improve upon. Thank you so much Steve! Second I would like to thank Ovonji Powell of Newagepitbulls for all his advice and knowledge of this pitbull breed we are so excited about. Also for putting together our website design and graphics for Apex Bullies. You have done a great job for us and it was a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks







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